What’s all this then?

Happy New Year’s Day!

I’ve been blogging elsewhere and getting a kick out of it – but found that there was a definite separation between my family-friendly posts and some of my other rambling.

Do I want a blog my grandmother could enjoy, or do I want it to be a place where my friends can have a laugh? Or is this a trick question, because dead people don’t read blogs, and some of the things I post about family are funny?

The answer came to me in lurching stages of indecision, and the answer is this blog, forever more (or until I am distracted) to be known as Someday all this will be yours.

Its about my full-time job as a dad at home with my fantastic little 3.5 year old daughter, whom I’ll call Bee. Also about my brilliant, lovely wife (Mom, for our purposes here) – and our adventures in familyhood.

I named the blog for a pronouncement I’ve heard made by parents to their children.

It is also a Monty Python quote – to be answered in a quavery voice with:

“What, the curtains?”


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