Puppet Theater

I was trying to think of something special my parents could do for Bee at Christmas, without spending a lot – and I came up with the idea of asking if my Dad wanted to make a puppet theater.

A little searching online brought up these instructions for building one.  The theater is poorly photographed in that article, and I understand why (I’ll get to that).  My dad liked the idea, and we thought it would be cool if he built it, and I painted it.

This is how one of Bee’s greatest gifts came to be!

I had the idea to paint it to resemble the Globe Theater – which is a big Tudor-style building.  Calling it ‘modeled after the Globe Theater’ is just my way of making people think I’m really with it.

Here are some photos of the finished theater:


I think the reason it wasn’t photographed well in the article, is that it is so large – and since it has 3 sides, it is very hard to get them in frame when photographing indoors.  I’m not happy with these initial photos, the theater is so much more beautiful in person.  I’ll take some more outside, this spring, that will hopefully show it better.


This one shows Bee playing in it, so you get a better idea of the size.  You can’t see it here – but the windows are real, working hinged windows with magnet closures.


This is a detail of the mouse I painted at the bottom of one side.

Mom (Bee’s Mom) bought fabric to make the curtains today – I’ll post pictures when they are complete and installed.  The whole set-up folds flat, also, and can be stored under our bed (theoretically – I may need to find a different spot).

It will also work well as a play house, a little shop, or a lemonade stand.

Tomorrow’s Someday… post will show the puppets we made today. They performed the first official play in the theater (4 times in a row, the first with me performing it – the second with Bee – the third with Bee and Mom, and the forth with just Mom… it was a hit).

Bee’s other grandparents got her a puppet family, and Mom picked up a couple of animal puppets.  Judging from her reaction to the play today, this theater will inspire Bee to come up with stories of her own, and the active nature of watching a performance makes it easy for her to remember the stories she sees.

I’m pretty certain it will be one of the best teaching tools we have – on top of all the fun she has with it.  We did good, Dad!


One thought on “Puppet Theater

  1. Very cool theater Dad, you and your dad did Really good. I would even say that it is inspirational. Unfortunately we have learned with the “monkey brothers” that puppet theater at our house would quickly escalate to puppet warfare.Therefore for the sake of the current armistace we must refrain and entrench ourselves during the current Clone War Campaign…6 year olds, gotta love ’em…

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