Tale of Three Little Pigs

It was back to the saved-up cereal boxes this afternoon to create our first puppets for a full-fledged story to perform in the puppet theater (see yesterday’s post)!

I say ‘today’, because I’m writing about it today. Just to let you know, I don’t create these blog entries on a daily basis – I make a few, then schedule them to publish one at a time down the road.  For instance, ‘today’ is about 8 days ago, real-time – follow me?  I say this for my moms.  (hi moms!)

I got it in mind to create what I’m going to call ‘stick puppets’ – they probably aren’t called that, and I’ll be embarrassed about this someday, because I’m anal retentive about things like that.  I’m a fan of all things Jim Henson, and Bee is interested too (weaned on Muppet Babies, as she was), so I wouldn’t be surprised if we came up with some really excellent puppets down the line.

I mentioned yesterday that this first puppet show went over really well.  So well that creating more puppets and stories could become a matter of preserving our sanity.  You can probably only hear The Three Little Pigs so many times before you begin stalking people in the night with a hatchet.

First, we drove to Lowes to get a bunch of paint mixing sticks.  I told the guy we wanted 25 of them, for a craft project.  He asked if it was for kids, and I said it was – then he gave me 30 for free.  Everyone go buy something at Lowes.

Then I planned for what we needed, and how many of the pieces could be two-sided (to save us the trouble of looking through more puppets to find what we need at the right time).

We hot-glued them to the sticks after they were illustrated.  Bee did almost all the painting on her own with watered down tempera paints (I mixed her colors).  Pictured below are our results.


The middle pig is the one who survives.


Big Bad.


Wolf in puffing mode, straw house (stick house is on the back of straw house).


Stick house and brick house (the back of brick house shows the surprise ending of the story – not shown in these photos. Because its a surprise.)


All of them together.

Bee went berserk.  And when I say berserk, I mean – she got the dogs worked up and barking at the Big Bad Wolf.

TV time just got easier to control this winter!  Unfortunately, WordPress.com doesn’t let me post video without a premium account (or audio, for that matter) – down the road, I may have to break down and pay the twenty bucks a year. I have a feeling some great recordings will be made.


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