Painting Animaniacs Friends


We are on an Animaniacs kick around here – and with 4 seasons available on Netflix, we probably will be into it for a while.   Thankfully, it coincides with ‘no screen Tuesdays and Thursdays’ – in which we lay off the TV and Computer and stay creative with our entertainment.

Bee asked that I draw some of her Animaniac Friends for her to paint – so I found a good picture of Yakko, Wacko and Dot and printed it, then drew it on cardboard taken from the inside of a grocery store pizza box.  We’ve been saving them for things like this since they are sturdy, clean and white – a perfect opportunity to reuse the materials.


She’s becoming a wiz at color mixing and she knows how to get different tones of brown by mixing yellow and purple – and how to mix for secondary colors (green, orange, and purple).  It’s nice to not have to get out the secondary colors, and to watch her figure out how to make them herself (except that purples are tricky to mix with most brands of paint).


She’s also become interested in how to handle backgrounds – and leaving white as unpainted space.  I register all these things and try not to impose technical teaching/learning on her painting frenzies, when it isn’t wanted.  If she asks specific questions – or I see that she’s stuck with something, I give her my 2 cents and try to keep it brief.


2 thoughts on “Painting Animaniacs Friends

  1. Gotta love the tongue it that first shot. She is totally Grandpa Larkin’s girl 🙂 Thank you, btw, for forcing me to make up stories about the Animaniacs friends every night at bedtime. Do you know how hard it is to do Dr. Scratchundsniff’s voice when you are half asleep?

  2. I expect to hear some excellent ‘Good Feathers’ arguments coming from back there. “Are you calling me a sticky bun? Are you saying I’m a sweet pastry for your morning enjoyment? Com’ere you!!”

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