Anti-Princess Reading List

Bee’s Mommy ran across this “Anti-Princess Reading List” – and I think it would be a good resource for anyone raising girls.

We are careful to take a conscientious approach to the two-dimensional “girls are princesses and boys are knights” view, which can squash kids into shapes they don’t necessarily belong in, or want to be in.

It isn’t easy – what is offered in department stores, for instance, often feels like a ridiculous caricature of childhood.  Kids who grow up thinking their roles are defined like this can be in for a rude awakening.

For much of our culture, pink still equals girl while blue equals boy – parents like ourselves don’t cotton to that.  If she asks for pink, that is entirely cool with us – but we don’t push the preconceived notion.

Some of the listed books may reflect their own brand of stereo-typing, reflecting the same generalizations – in reverse, but others are bound to be worth checking out.

that link again:  Anti-Princess Reading List


edited to add:

This is among the more popular posts on my blog, ironically because princess fans come searching for the tiara image I created.  For some, this may be their first introduction to the concept of raising little girls w/o princess aspirations.  In that spirit, I offer up a few more links that could provide further insight.

• A blog post calling for anti-princess slogans yields some interesting submissions.

Another blog shares the mommytracked link, with level-headed commentary and interesting comments.


• This blog lists an addendum to the inspiring list.

• Another book list.

• Three more recommendations in a themed book review.

Feel free to suggest other resources in my comments section.  Also, know that we come nowhere close to ‘princess prohibition’ because – really – what better way to propel your little ladies towards something than to make it prohibited?


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