Fairy Cocoa

A friend of Mom’s got Bee a book for the holidays that she loves – it is a fairy cookbook.

Here are some pics from our first attempt to make something from the book – I adapted it to be less sweet, easier, and to have only one flavor rather than a mix of them.


2 or 3 kinds of food coloring (inc. red),

2 cups of milk,

2 large marshmallows,

1/2 cup white chocolate chips.

1) Smash the two large marshmallows with a heavy cup or rolling pin – make them a little flat, then cut them into heart shapes (wasting as little as possible).

2) Give your child 2 or 3 small containers of food coloring watered way down (to pastel shades) and let them decorate the marshmallows by painting the coloring on them, Alla Easter eggs.


3) While they decorate the marshmallow hearts, you warm two cups of milk in a pot on the stove, using medium heat (stir constantly).

4) Have 1/2 cup white chocolate chips waiting in a bowl – add the milk to the bowl once it shows the first sign of boiling, or steaming a lot.  Mix it up good.  Add a drop of red food coloring, to make it a light pink color.

5) Serve in two teacups – float the marshmallow hearts on top.


good stuff


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