Graveyard Book Wins Newbery

Neil Gaiman won the Newbery Book Award for The Graveyard BookI’M really happy – so I can’t begin to think how happy HE is!  Oh, wait, yes I can – because he says on his blog, on the post named (insert amazed and delighted swearing here)!

I just happen to be reading that very book this week – and I have been taking it slowly because it was clear from early on that I wouldn’t want it to end.


It is easily the best book of its sort that I’ve read since Harry Potter – and it is destined to be a classic now, even moreso than it already was going to be under its own steam alone.

Do treat yourself to a copy, it is a buyer and a keeper.  I promise (young and old – seriously, possibly old even more than young).

I wish I could lay my hands on the picture I had taken of me with Neil at a signing (Stardust Tour)… this would be a pretty good spot for it.

BTW – here he is reading the whole thing on his website’s video tour


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