I know I recommended a book in my last post – but it occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned Owly yet, and I’m going to do that while it is on my mind.

Owly is a comic without words (just a kind of spoken/thought pictogram that kids pick up on quickly with a little help).  It is perfect for kids who aren’t quite reading yet, or not doing so with confidence.  Or anyone who likes woodland shenanigans.

Here is Owly’s website – the books are small-hands friendly digest size and run about ten bucks a pop.  It is ten dollars well spent, as they get a lot of mileage.  You will likely catch your kids reading them on their own.


Bee is a big fan, though we have a far from complete collection.  She likes me to draw him for her, so she can paint him.

“Owly is the comic book equivalent of a hug.” – Aint It Cool.com

Do check out the site – the creator Andy Runton is rightly proud to have been chosen to create an Owly READ poster for the American Library Association this year.  (you can get one here)


One thought on “Owly

  1. I can’t believe you put tamarins in the masthead. That is so awesome. Baby Emperor Tamarins are officially the cutest creatures on the planet. After Baby Bee. Because I love them so much.

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