david after dentist

See video of a little boy dealing with the effects of dental drugs – disturbing and funny: link


2 thoughts on “david after dentist

  1. Eeek!
    I was a bit freaked out by this –
    poor kid . .

    I am surprised they didn’t let him stay until he was feeling better –
    That must of scared the bajeebers out of him!

    *shaking head*

    Not sure what to think . . . NA

    P.S. Where’s the bees face at the top?
    I loved the curiosity of her looking through the magnifying glass… Hugs to all

  2. The most messed up thing to me is how the dad keeps trying to get him to say he likes being drugged up. What’s up with that?

    I’ve been on meds like that and they are not fun – usually comes with an upset stomach and headache.

    What I like about it is the clear formulation of questions – adults make it complicated, the kid says ‘is it always going to be like this’. Makes you want to hug ’em.

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