Some Editing

When I started the blog I had the notion that using our real first names would be pretty safe and secure, since it is a blog I don’t plan on linking to other things we do online and so forth.

Well – that’s a nice idea, but it isn’t how the Internet works.  There is no such thing as ‘isolated’ online.  A simple search using our names in combination (or along with information inadvertently included in text – like geographical info, or clubs we participate in… things of that sort) can easily be used to turn up other information, even without our last name.

I’m reading a bit of ‘near future’ sci-fi these days. The thought of a school bully looking up my daughter’s life history, and that of her family, on their cell phone in a matter of seconds  – it is concerning.  That’s just one obvious example of the possibilities in a fully networked world.

So – now I’m just Dad, and my wife is Mom – and our little girl is Bee.

I’ve edited all previous posts – comments and uploaded pic names as well.


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