Our Walk In The Woods

Earlier in the blog I mentioned that I was trying to stay ahead of myself – posting things about a week in advance, so there wouldn’t be any lag days and I wouldn’t feel any pressure to work on it. These days, however, I have been behind in creating posts – so now I’ll be posting some things that are a week or two out of date.

Here are pics from a trip to a wildlife management park where Bee and I have been going since before she could walk.  At the peak of her Bjorn days, I was doing 4 miles a day with her in the woods – we couldn’t talk to one another yet – but we understood how we were feeling and we had some great times.  The habits and practices on our walks have evolved as she’s grown.

I’m really looking forward to spring – so we can get out on a more regular basis.  I’ve become a wuss about the cold… and also had some pretty unshakable sinus infections earlier in the winter.

Here is our late Jan trip to the park, in pictures.


Step one is the eating of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (and carrots) in the car.  This has become a happy ritual for us.  Bee likes to sit in the front to do it (of course).


This is the winter version of the view I have from my seat while we eat (while I wait for Bee to eat).  It is a special view to me – and I must have stared at it dozens of times over the last couple of years.


Away we go.


With the hounds.


The lake, frozen.  There were lots of people ice-fishing (you can’t see them from this vantage/distance) and that was fun to talk about.  Bee wanted to ice-fish.  It was her typical “I want to ice-fish!  What’s ice-fishing?” kind of pronouncement.


We called this a gnome tollbooth – while both knowing that it’s an owl house that had fallen.


Bee likes to run ahead.  It is something she started a while ago.  I’ve always considered it to be a positive development because she has a lot of confidence tempered with common sense.  She does a good job of keeping me in sight when she darts off into the wild.


And, finally – here is one of the footprints she left in the forest that day.

update:  Bee looked at this post with me and asked where the picture of her peeing in the woods was.  There isn’t a picture of it (alas), but this trip did mark the first occasion of Bee peeing in the great outdoors.  The visitor’s center was closed.  I held her in Bee Peeing pose (for all you Yoga enthusiasts).  She gleefully announced that she pees like the doggies pee.


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