Scooby Doo Board Game


A couple of weeks ago I made a board game for Bee based on one of her favorite shows, Scooby Doo.

It was one of those tunnel vision compulsive burst of creative energy type occasions.  I set out to do it, and about 3 hours later it was done.  Mommy was nice enough to entertain the Bee while I worked on it.

I scanned a sheet of Scooby stickers from a coloring book, and then I mined Google Images for pictures from the show that people had put online.

I made the spaces for the board in Illustrator, and imported and arranged/adjusted the images in Photoshop.

The special twist to our game is that you have to collect 3 clues before advancing to the final stretch on the board.  If you don’t have enough clues, you have to go back around a little loop with monsters in the middle (it’s the game’s equivalent of a chase scene).  You get a clue when you land on a clue space – and it is represented by a penny.  You travel by rolling a single die – there are ‘Jinkies’, ‘Zoinks’, and ‘Jeepers’ spaces – with move ahead or go back instructions.

Fortunately the spacing of the clues did exactly what I had hoped, and people need to re-loop in the chase scene about 50% of the time to collect one or two more clues that they need to move forward.


For pawns I used some little game pieces that I bought loose at an education supply store – they are about 50¢ each and I got 8 different colors.  Seeing them on my window sill makes me want to make up games.

When it was completed, I printed it in 4 pieces and spray mounted them to the back of a pizza box.  The next day I Modge Podged them – so the board is water resistant now, and won’t smudge with a lot of use.

I was tempted to just post the file to this site so that anyone can have it – but it’s obviously use of someone else’s property, and I didn’t want to flagrantly infringe upon that.  If you’d like a free copy, email **.



2 thoughts on “Scooby Doo Board Game

  1. It seems a very nice work, congratulations :).

    I am working on one for my son too. Scooby is his favorite character :). You kindly offered for those interested that you’d send a copy of it. I want to make it as a gift for him tommorow evening, I already made a spideman ludo (another favorite). So would you send a copy for me too? I know that the post is from 2009, but i hope you still have the files… I tried to write to the email address you specified but the mailer demon returned it.

    Thanks 😉

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