Marbleized Paper Project

I found this project on a mostly excellent blog called ‘unplug your kids’.

It is very easy, and kids can directly participate in almost every step.  I’m not going to reprint the instructions here – but I will share some of our results:





They are all dry decorated sheets – good for gift wrapping, making cards, use for book covers or hanging in your window.  It got us talking about the shapes we saw, micro-organisms, oil vs. water, etc.  Easily as fun as painting eggs in the spring… as a matter of fact – you can use this method to do that too.

All it takes is some food coloring, some vegetable oil, paper and some water.

If this kind of project is of any interest to you at all – you have to familiarize yourself with the weekly unplugged project hosted on the blog I mentioned.  Every week there is a new theme, and a dozen or more family blogs make different projects.  It is all linked, and easy to follow.  I plan on doing some of our own, and linking to this blog.


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