Pancakes (+ product placement)

Chocolate chip pancake making.


Bee looks like a nut in this shot 🙂

The book is called Pretend Soup. The recipes come in a familiar format, and then the next page features a comic book style narrative art spread – so kids who can’t read yet can make the dish (sometimes needing a little help).

We were replacing (healthy) blueberries with (unhealthy) chocolate chips.

We make the title recipe often (Pretend Soup), but we call it Fruit Soup – Bee loves to make it and eat it up.  All the recipes are vegetarian, and a good way to get your kids interested in veggies.


Bee is very careful around the stove – I’m imagining some folks being a little freaked out by a 3yr. old so close the cooking surface.  Be not afraid.

I poured the batter – she placed the chips – I flipped the pancakes.

That contraption Bee is standing on?  It was in the first photo also, and I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s called The Learning Tower – and it is the best thing we ever got for her.  Really.  She uses it many times a day, every day.  Check out the link – if you have kitchen counters anything like ours, you may well wonder how you got by without one someday.


4 thoughts on “Pancakes (+ product placement)

  1. Unbelievable. We honestly managed to create the cutest child in the history of human civilization. Cuter than Shirley Temple. Cuter than the Olsen twins. Cuter than Brangelina’s brood. And she’s even cuter when she looks like a nut. (Not that I am biased or anything…)

  2. We LOVE Pretend Soup! I have several entries over at my blog about Pretend Soup.

    We just checked out Salad People from the same author. We haven’t tried any recipe yet, but we will!

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