Number Drawings

Mommy and Bee did a project with numbers.  The idea is that the adult writes/draws numbers on sheets of paper and gives the child the instruction to make pictures out of the numbers.  It familiarizes them with the shapes of the numbers (to make it sound complicated – it’s a mental exercise that bridges right and left brain thinking).

Here are a few of their results:

8snowman(this is a snowman, if you needed a little help)

7harpAll on her own, Bee decided that the 7 would make a good harp.  Mom thought she was just making a triangle with some lines in it, until Bee corrected her and it all became clear.

6mommyBee was stumped with the 6, so Mommy shared the idea of drawing her pregnant belly.  This one blows me away.  To me, it looks like a drawing an adult does to make it look like a kid did it.  Also – it is just surreal to me that my first baby can draw a picture of her pregnant Mommy.


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