Life-Sized Candyland

This was my attempt at scoring dad-of-the-month last August.

To make a life-sized candyland board, you need a large(ish) driveway – and some colored chalk.

The trick to making the path is to duct tape pieces of sidewalk chalk to the rungs of a rake – at the width you want.  Then you walk along, in the shape of the path on the game board (or however you like), dragging the rake and making evenly spaced parallel lines.  Pretty clever, right (spraining arm, patting self on back)?  Then I used a small board to mark each space, so the spaces would all be the same size.

The next part is greuling – color the spaces.  Dark outlines do the best job of defining the color of the spaces, and then I filled in with the chalk turned sideways within the space.  I duplicated the game board as well as I could – including the gumdrop shortcut, special spaces, etc.

_cl1(view from bedroom window)

To move – an MC holds the deck of cards from the game, and you go from child to child.  It works really well as a party theme – I served cupcakes decorated to look like peppermints.  By now you will know that I am half (more?) out-of-my-mind, but that’s the way I like it.

_cl25(beautiful weather doesn’t hurt… rain?  That would hurt!)

_cl2(playgroup peeps)

It was a great day – and one I’m sure all the kids will remember.  My knees remember it a little too.

_cl3(This is Bee, happy.)


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