Nursery Murals

I’m starting to think about what we may do with the new nursery – once it stops being a guest room full of stuff we don’t bother to store properly.  I’ve also been in discussion with a friend who just learned that I paint murals.

This gave me the idea to do a post showcasing the paintings I did for Bee’s room, the month before she was born.  I paint most children’s room murals on custom cut sheets of wood now, because people prefer the flexibility that provides.  You can move them from home to home, pass them down to another child (or generation) or just rearrange them when you get the itch to change the room around.

For Bee’s room – we went with a Frog and Toad theme – – all credit to Arnold Lobel as their designer. I adapted his illustrations – down to the line-weight and technique – the best I could.






If you have an interest in the possibility of my doing something of this sort for you or someone you know (we’d probably be looking at some mailing costs – but not necessarily prohibitive ones) feel free to email (  I’m also happy to answer questions about it.


2 thoughts on “Nursery Murals

  1. wow – those are so lovely!!

    I will totally be keeping you in mind…that is if me little one lets me rip the 1978 wallpaper off her bedroom wall. For some reason she is attached to it 🙂

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