Bottles to Bud Vases

This is my first time participating in the weekly Unplugged Project – so a big hello to any new visitors to our blog.  The theme this week is Bottles, so – let’s get crackin’.

I did a broad search for bottle crafts online, and it turned up nothing of interest to me – so I decided to rub my two brain cells together instead, and came up with bud vases.

We used: 2 small decorative bottles, some acrylic paint (Cheapskate tip: I store acrylics in restaurant supply store ketchup bottles. The paint I keep in these bottles is inexpensive house paint in tints that are close to primary, for easy mixing – plus black and white), a couple of kinds of tape (blue masking tape, and clear cello tape), and a paper towel.

I chose the acrylics because they are waterproof when they dry.  They also mean that a smock (aka – pillow case what has holes cut in it) is a good idea, as is newspaper covering the table.


1) We tear some tape into small pieces – I did most of the tearing, but Bee did learn how to do it a little. We lightly stuck them to a plastic lid – so she could access them easily for step 2.


2) I showed Bee how to attach the tape to the bottle – overlapping the pieces and covering the whole bottle.  She covered a bottle with the blue tape, I covered one with the clear cello tape.



Be sure to press all the tape down as flat as you can.


here’s the clear tape bottle:


3) The third step is to paint a thinned down color over the bottles.  Bee used white paint, and I used yellow.


4) Don’t let it dry as they paint – if you suspect the paint is starting to dry, that is the time to start wiping it off with the paper towel – not entirely, but enough to give the effect pictured in the final product.  The main idea is to get the paint into the groves around the paint edges, and create an overall washy look as a finish.  You might find adding a little water to the paper towel gives you a good look – – or just adding a little more water to the paint from the get go.

We had to fudge it back and forth a little (between paint and water) – but we got the result I had hoped we might (or pretty close).


So now we have a couple of little harbingers of spring for the dinner table – – these would make pretty good gifts for the grandparents, too.



6 thoughts on “Bottles to Bud Vases

  1. welcome to the unplugged projects. we find them really addictive – so much so that at least once a week my wee one asks “what the theme of the week”?

    Love your flower vases. It has me dreaming of spring when we can cut fresh flowers again!

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