Happy Feet

This is our second week in on the Unplugged Project – thank you our new visitors and the kind things you’ve had to say.  As another participant mentioned – I can see how the project could be addictive!

This week’s theme is Happy.  Unsure of how to proceed with an adjective-based theme, we just did something that made us happy 🙂

Foot painting in the bathtub.

I made a palate at the front of the tub – and covered the bottom of the rest of the tub with old computer print-out paper (the kind with the holes that automatically fed through – which now seems like something the cavemen used).  We used tempera paints.

Insert child, advise her to hold onto the sides, and let the squishy, stompy, giggly happiness ensue.







(I think her feet look HUGE – she’s size 9’s, and 3.5 yrs old – is that big?)


And there you have it!  The final piece – now hanging in a choice location.


18 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. I love your final piece. So pretty!! I know my little one would love this. She is 3.5 and wears a size 6 shoe…but has a friend the same age who wears a 9. You never know at this age.

  2. “Where ever did you find the caveman paper???”
    ~my dad had a stockpile of it, and gave it to us. We had to remove all the pages with pictures of hunters chasing bison, rendered in charcoal, lol

  3. Great idea! Another way to get paper is to ask local newspapers for the end of the roll of newsprint. Great for doing silhouettes! I wish you were my daddy LOL

  4. “…automatic clean up place!”
    ~ I really should have mentioned this in the post – that’s one of the best parts 🙂

  5. My daughter loves to paint with her feet – although I’ve never actually thought of doing it in the bathtub – we usually dance on the kitchen floor! We haven’t done this in awhile…maybe it is time for some more “happy feet” here too.

    You could also begin or follow this project up by reading Dr. Seuss’s Foot Book. 🙂

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