Cereal Box Rule

Whenever we finish a box of cereal, we cut the front and back panels from the box and keep them in a file in a cupboard.  I’m always surprised by how much of this material we use when we get the desire to make something.


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is an order of priority.  Not consuming so much in the first place is best (having a bulk food supplier nearby that allowed for bringing our own containers would be ideal).  Reusing the cereal boxes is preferable to recycling them – which is better than going in the landfill, but still energy intensive.  If what you make is going to go into the trash at some point – that’s the time to recycle.

While these terms are commonplace today – I notice a lot of people using them improperly.  Reusing isn’t recycling – when handled responsibly it is usually an intermediate step on the way to recycling.


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