Mundane Danger

This evening a van nearly backed into us in a grocery store parking lot.  The white reverse lights came on when we were about 1/2 way past the van – and it very steadily backed right towards us.

Bee was on my left and it is a good thing because she would have been in more danger on my right side.

I hit the back of the van with the palm of my hand pretty hard – and it did stop.  We circled around to where we could see the driver – who was clearly shaken and sorry, but the rage that comes to you when your child has been threatened was winning out over any empathy I would normally feel for another person.

I roared an angry stream of admonishment, to put it mildly.

I really hate that feeling.  I have it very rarely – honestly, the only other time I’ve really felt that way may have been on the occasion when a lady walking around in a baby play area in a children’s museum wasn’t looking where she was going and she stepped on Bee’s arm, bruising it badly and leaving me to wonder if it was broken for a couple of hours afterwards.  I believe I’ve never had the feeling on my own behalf – I’ve felt a slightly less intense version towards individuals who have wronged my wife.

I know a couple of people who have been hit by cars – slow moving ones, at that – and had severe harm done to them.  It’s easy to forget that these things happen during the mundane routines of your day. I probably walk with Bee to and from my car at grocery stores 1o times a month.

Anyway – I’m just posting this as a reminder to anyone else who has a tendency to take things like parking lots for granted.


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