Godzilla vs. Hedora


We made a Godzilla vs. Hedora shirt, using fabric markers.  Needless to say, it rocks the free world.

sh1(used print out of movie poster, and Godzilla+Hedora toys as visual reference)

sh2Before you say anything – yes, I know I screwed up the coloring in Hedora’s eyes, Bee let me know right away. It’s supposed to be yellow inside and red outside.  After that point she was against the idea of me coloring the shirt any more – so she did much of the rest of it, background yellow, Hedora Green, and ‘the floor of monster island’ with rocks.

The text says Godzilla Vs. Hedora – I think.


For those of you interested – Godzilla vs. Hedora is one of the more kid-friendly of the Godzilla movies. When Hedora isn’t shooting acidic pollution slime, it uses the ‘friggin laser beams’ above its eyes – which doesn’t seem all that likely for a smog monster – but who am I to argue.

I think the most kid-friendly one is Godzilla’s Revenge (pictured below) – which mostly takes place in a little boy’s mind, and is about bullies.



3 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Hedora

  1. It’s great to see that Godzilla movies are the common denominator among kids, When J was Bee’s age we got him a Godzilla box set that had Godzilla, King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Mothra, Godzilla’s Revenge, Rodan, and The Terror of Mechagodzilla. As a bonus we also picked up Destroy all Monsters. That was the same year he went to his first big screen movie, King Kong. This was of course after we watched the original on PBS. For a long time after dad had to be the T-Rex, while King Kong J pummeled him about the neck and shoulders at bedtime…L

  2. Ed – I really feel like Godzilla, and Kaiju movies in general, serve some great purposes for kids – – they can put themselves in the monster rolls, and feel big and strong if they want to (in a world that reminds them all the time how little they are) – and they can have ‘scares’ from something very obviously make-believe.
    Bee likes them a lot – – I wonder how much exposure other little girls get (compared with boys), but I honestly can only see it as a good thing.
    We’d love a boxed set like that! I’ll have to check out deepdiscountdvd.com around the holidays 🙂 For now – a great college library nearby (with a film department – meaning their video selection is huge), and our Netflix subscription get us anything we want whenever we want it.
    Also – Mothra is by far Bee’s favorite. I bought a handmade painted shirt of Mothra from someone on Ebay at Christmas last year, she loves it – especially the baby Mothra grubs (she’s big on worms and grubs). The mom had made a full set of Kaiju clothes for her kids, and having it passed on to us, to live a second life, was really cool.

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