Fish Bowl Craft

This week’s unplugged project theme is water.

We made a fish bowl scene using ye olde wax paper and melted crayon shavings technique.

1) We drew fish, and coral, an octopus and a special guest star (though you probably won’t recognize who it is).  Also, we made a plecostomus – because Bee always has to visit Mr. Plecostomus whenever we go to a pet store.

2) We cut them out



3) Next, Bee peeled some crayons, and  4) we used a crayon sharpener to produce shavings of three colors of blue (plus a little silver).




5) Next we cut out two sheets of wax paper of the same size, and drew a large fish bowl on the bottom one.

6) Bee arranged the fish cutouts on the wax paper fish bowl.  This can be fun in and of itself, and take a little while for your child to ‘get it just right’.



7) Then, the crayon shavings were sprinkled around the pictures in the fishbowl, especially in the areas between the paper shapes.



The picture below is how it looks with all the shavings on it.

I’ll tell you about the special guest star now – he’s the guy right there in the middle, it’s Aku – from Samurai Jack.  Bee likes him.  (If I were to teach a narrative art class – I would include lots of Samurai Jack.  The sophisticated storytelling uses narrative art far more dependent on visual media than dialog.  It also won 4 Emmy Awards.)


8 ) Place the second sheet of wax paper on top, and iron them using a low temperature setting.



This makes great water!

10) Cut out the fish bowl and tape to a window (with clear tape).

111(without flash – brighter outside)

12(photo with flash – equal brightness inside and out)

The final results exceeded my expectations – and there were a lot of fun steps along the way with opportunities to learn a variety of things.  A memorable morning well spent!


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