Your Big Backyard

I grew up with Ranger Rick Magazine – and have a lot of fond memories of getting it in the mail each month.  I mostly looked at the pictures – and used to draw and paint from them often (I’ve been doing that for a long time).

We were excited when Bee showed interest in books and magazines, because it was officially time to indoctrinate her into the world of National Wildlife Federation magazines – the baby one is called Wild Animal Babies, and it is a sturdy little board book sized publication.  I’m pretty sure we still have all the issues she got – and she hauls them out for us to read, often.

Around two and a half, she was ready for Your Big Backyard, which is the next step up.  They recommend it for ages 3-7, but I’m pretty sure Bee will be ready to graduate to Ranger Rick around age five or so.

I’m well aware of the arguments against magazine subscriptions – and I agree with them often enough.  A lot of paper is used, and often they are poorly stored and easily become clutter.  We’ve been doing a good job of storing ours, though – and they are reread as often as Bee’s favorite books.  Also, as an artist – they serve as good photo reference and are well worth saving for that purpose.


Below is a picture of a project we did from one of her Big Backyard magazines – a spiderweb.

1) lay out a sheet of wax paper  2) with craft glue, draw a spiderweb – don’t skimp on the glue, or the size (ours is about 14×14″)   3) let it dry overnight  4) peel from paper  5) apply a spider – we made our from construction paper and a black pom pom



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