The Pigeon

Mo Willems’s Pigeon books are modern classics.  Maybe I’m overstating that – but they are more complex then they first appear, and they require and inspire a level of sophistication that, say, Beatrix Potter (genius, no question) couldn’t have dreamed possible in a book for children.

The Pigeon Finds A Hotdog has become the favorite around here.

But (Newbery Award Winning) Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus is the one that started it all.  Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late is a sublime answer to nearly every argument your child could give for wanting to stay up – a preemptive strike to a family conflict that probably began when we still lived in caves/trees/puddles.

There are half a dozen others (I never really warmed to The Pigeon Wants A Puppy).

Here is The Pigeon I made from Model Magic (which I have to write about at some point, because Crayola is lying through their teeth when they say you can’t store it after it’s opened):



5 thoughts on “The Pigeon

  1. We have Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus and we love it too. It’s great fun saying NO to the pigeon. I shall have to get hold of some of the others you’ve recommended. Oh, and I love your pigeon!

  2. Crayola? Lying?…no! Tell me more.

    We haven’t bought any of the pigeon books for A yet (I keep forgetting about them. and currently we are on Boynton boycott (won’t even open the books) and a Eastman fest (I am so tired of Go, Dog, Go)

    • Lie might be a charged word… but their packaging for Model Magic says that once you open the foil packets a clock starts ticking and all the modeling material will be dried up within a few hours. It is a ploy to get you to use it all up, and not store it. We’ve found that, though the revolutionary application of a space aged material called TAPE, they last well beyond said 12 hours – into months.
      I feel there may have been a backlash – because Crayola has started offering the material in containers and no longer try to freak you out into using it all at once. It isn’t cheap – not at all – and to pay a lot for a modeling material that is only flexible for a few hours is nuts (even though it IS great stuff, and lasts well in its dried molded forms). Think PlayDoh that costs 3X as much, and turns to stone the day you open it.
      It blows my mind that people would just take them at their word and abandon hope once the foil packets are open. Have these people never heard of tape? Baggies? Containers of any sort? The packaging is very misleading – and something I keep in mind now, whenever I’m faced with purchasing something made by Crayola.

  3. So cute. We once made twiddle bugs out of sculpy clay, which can be really hard for small hands to work with….may have to try the crayola version.

    We are big Willems fans. Every night at bedtime we get a “dont let the bed bugs bite” and a “dont let the pigeon drive the bus”.

    You should check out Mo’s new book Naked Mole Rat gets dressed. It is good!

  4. We’ve read Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, Dayna – and also like it a lot!

    Model Magic is really cool stuff – very lightweight, you can tint its colors with markers (kneeding the color in), it doesn’t get stuck in your carpet – – the only downside is the higher than average price tag, and you do have to carefully store it airtight.

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