Making a Snuggly Snake

This week’s Unplugged Project has the theme “Long“, and Mommy wanted to take a crack at it with Bee this time.  I provided emotional support and some creative consultation.

We came up with the idea of making a long stuffed snake – in part because I have some annoying gigantic socks that would go up to my knees if I wore them.

Materials used –  two long socks, fabric paint, fabric markers, buttons, ribbon, needle/thread, some sequins, and stuffing.

1 – Stuff the socks.


2 – Decorate – this step can be done before or after everything is stitched together, they did it before.




(this stage was a good opportunity to talk about evolutionary adaptation – where green snakes live as opposed to brown ones, how they differ in the way they hide themselves, get their food, etc.)

3 – Add a Face – Mommy used button eyes, a ribbon tongue and Bee wanted the snake to have blue hair.


4 – Stitch the two halves together


(I was impressed that Bee thought to use the fabric paint as glue for sequins)

Here is the final product – we all like it a lot 🙂



11 thoughts on “Making a Snuggly Snake

  1. How much crafty fun can one family have?
    You guys make our household look so lame…I am sending Annabeth to you for summer camp. Seriously I hope I can remember all the fun things you guys have done when my kid gets big enough to do them.

    • Aw, Heather – we know you better than to believe that you guys don’t do wonderful things with A !
      This Unplugged Project makes for a good weekly reminder/assignment – and we’ve really been enjoying it. Also, we are weening from the overlong TV hours of the wintertime – which makes for lots of crafty stuff. When we change gears 8 or 10 times a day, some of those times are going to include crafty stuff – and it really adds up.
      Hopefully – this blog will be around and remain archived so you can refer to it whenever you like – I try to make decent labels/tags for the posts so they are easy to find.

      Thanks for the love.
      BTW – we’d be totally down w/ having an Annabeth summer camp.

  2. If Annabeth gets to come, Emma and Gracie wanna come!
    I will pack up the catnip mouses and we’ll get in the bus and go!

    That’s a cool snake!

    Bee is so talented 🙂

    (tell mom she should be a hand model!)


    Nancy E&G *mew*

  3. That’s an awesome snake, you guys did a great job, I especially like the blue hair 😉 You have so many great ideas here (Dad), I’m going to have to snag a few once I’m done illustrating my book. I already told Emmy foot painting was in her future!

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