Festivals Family and Food

Festivals Family and Food is another of my favorite books for ideas about family time, and especially the role that the cycle of the year plays in a child’s life.

A child’s days, weeks and years feel much longer to them than they do to us.  Half a lifetime for a 3 year old is 1.5 years – whereas for me, it’s over 17.  For a young person, each season is all the more ripe with new experience – we have the opportunity to help them make the most of this magical feeling.


This book takes you through the whole year, with emphasis on holidays (of various origin, refreshingly not strictly limited to one belief system – though I would have liked even more diversity) and associated crafts, activities, recipes, old stories and games.  It feels much older than its copyright date.

here is the Amazon blurb:

This family favourite is a unique, well loved source of stories, recipes, things to make, activities, poems and songs. Each festival has its own well illustrated chapter. There are also sections on Birthdays, Rainy Days, Convalescence and a birthday calendar. The perfect present for a family, it explores the numerous festivals that children love to celebrate..

and a couple of reviews:

“It’s an invaluable resource book.” – The Observer

“A lovely book which I feel every young couple should read.” – The Daily Mail

“This is the book I have been looking for… Festivals is beautifully illustrated and produced… I don’t think I have ever seen a book which deals with its subjects so comprehensively.” – Church of England Newspaper

“An attractive book which will have year round usefulness” – Stroud News & Journal


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