Thousand Legger

thouYesterday, Bee had discovered one of these in our bathroom and got down to talk to it a little – it ran over towards her and startled her pretty badly.  Soon after – she went out to the table and drew its picture.  This is one of my favorite things she’s ever drawn.


6 thoughts on “Thousand Legger

  1. Only my Bee could manage to make one of the grossest insects in nature look charming. Just one of the many reasons I love her and want to eat her up!

  2. Can’t wait until our wee loathsome beasties return for the summer. We waged a never ending battle with those bugs last year when we moved into our house. Never did figure out if they were coming up the toilet or from elsewhere, if I find out where their front door is I’m going to spray them into oblivion…

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