Yellow Shaky Chickie

The Unplugged Project theme of the week is Yellow – we made a yellow shaky chickie!

What you need:  lentils (or other good shaky bits – rice or beans, etc.), construction paper, toilet paper roll, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and glitter.


Cut a yellow circle with tabs to cover the top of the tube, and glue it in place.  Have another one ready, and some feet as well.


When one side is covered, fill the tube about 15% with your shaky bits.


Cover the tube opening with your cut bottom piece, then glue a yellow piece of paper to the outside of the tube.


Now add the feet.


And the eyes.  And beak.


Here, Bee is adding the wings, and some feathers she made.


the nearly complete Chickie:


I say ‘nearly’, because we are in the ‘everything is better with glitter’ phase of our lives 🙂



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