Natural Selection Activity

One of the easier things to teach your kids about natural selection is the tendency for animals to adapt a coloration reflective of their environment.  It helps them avoid being eaten, as well as to sneak up on their food.

Nature walks are a good time to discuss this adaptation – and easy to do anywhere worms, bugs, birds and other critters are at hand.  We came up with a fun way to play with the idea using a handful of Bee’s toys.

I set a bunch of little rubber critters out for her – and put a colorful blanket or two around the room to help with colors that aren’t already in our living room environment – then instructed her to ‘hide’ the toys on places where their colors blend in.

Here are the results:







And here is the example of what not to do.  If you are an orange grasshopper, hanging out on a rust colored couch, don’t be surprised if Godzilla eats you.


Here’s a great list Kathy Ceceri compiled with kid-friendly sites about natural selection.


3 thoughts on “Natural Selection Activity

  1. Thanks very much! It started out with just noticing how we had a harder time finding some things when they were on our carpet – – and the project evolved from there, lol 🙂

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