2009 US Library Summer Reading Program Kick-Off!

CR ART Poster 1-1

Today we kick off our summer reading program participation!  I kind of go nuts with it – because Bee loved it so much last year.  By ‘so much’ I mean lots of squeels of delight.  When I say ‘lots’ I mean daily.

I also have fond memories of doing this when I was young.  It led me to read a lot of things I hadn’t tried before (Roald Dahl, The Hardy Boys, and many more) – all on my own.

In addition to turning in our reading coupon/forms – we keep a chart with stickers in the reading corner of her room (I’ll post pictures of this at some point).  We’ve already read the first 110 pages of her first official summer reading book – a gift she got yesterday from her friend.

If you have young children – don’t forget to check out what your local libraries offer through the summer.  Many host magicians, puppet shows, demonstrations and more – in addition to regular story-times.

In case you aren’t familiar with the format of the summer reading programs, usually they work something like this:

For every 5 books read (or read to the pre-literate child) you get a token that you can use in a little vending machine for a small prize, or a ‘buck’ you can save up for bigger prizes.  For longer books, every 50 pages counts as one book. This year the bigger prizes are mostly creative supplies (like watercolor sets, brushes, etc.).  Also, most districts pool all the returned coupons for a drawing to win computers and other great stuff.


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