Turtle Rescue

We rescued this turtle from a road it was crossing (there was nowhere to go on the other side of the road because of a long steep bank).  It came home with us for the day, and in the evening we let it go at the edge of the woods.

2.1(Bee and Turtle regard one another)

2.2(Mmmm delicious salad… for me to poop on!)


Before pooping on its salad, the turtle was not eating it – which bothered Bee.  I explained that the turtle may not be hungry, or that maybe he was very nervous because he didn’t know us.  Bee went and got some books to read to the turtle, to calm it down.  This book, Doggies – by Sandra Boynton, involves lots of barking – which I’m pretty sure did not calm down the turtle.


4 thoughts on “Turtle Rescue

  1. My favorite part is Bosley lurking in the background of the last photo with one of Bee’s socks in his mouth. It’s just not our house without a shot of the shifty-eyed dog.

  2. I bet you know this but did you show her how to tell if it was a boy or girl turtle? Looks like a female by the eye color.

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