Lightning Bugs

These little buggers are tricky to photograph.  I’ll do a better job of it sometime, but for now – this is what you get.  Bee has been having many evenings of firefly catching this summer – and she is wicked good at it, catching 3 at a time sometimes.  This is one evening’s bounty – really underrepresented.


We learned that if you collect the ones down in the grass, you get females.  The males are the ones flying around looking for love.  If you get a mix, you get big pulsing piles of ‘snuggling’ fireflies, which is pretty cool.  Bee describes that this means they are mating, and making baby fireflies – because she is an awesome little girl whose parents tell it like it is without fear, embarassment or hesitation.



One thought on “Lightning Bugs

  1. Having grown up in Southern California the only lightening bugs I saw were at Disneyland.
    What an awesome thing to grow up with – it’s total wonder.
    Bee will have many fun memories.


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