First Lemonade Stand

You might remember this puppet theater.  We put it to use as a lemonade stand for the first time, and it was a great experience.

Bee shopped for lemons, sugar, cups, ice and a pitcher with me.  I emphasized how much these individual things cost – but much of that went unregistered (except that it may not have, with Bee – there is usually more retention than you think).  Then she helped make the lemonade – squeezing some lemons herself.

We hauled everything up to the top of the driveway (which you may also remember), and set up shop.  Oh, and we made signs – four wooden ones, three of which I hung at nearby intersections, and one for the stand itself.

We had two sizes of cups (9oz. and 16oz.) with two prices (50¢ and $1).  People only bought the $1 cups – so we will nix the small cups in the future.  Once they heard it was real homemade lemonade, our customers eagerly bought the larger size.


We live a little off the beaten path – but did better than I thought we might.  We sold 8 cups (a gallon).  Bee was so happy and excited throughout the entire experience.  She also gleefully explained to her customers that half of her profits were going to be donated to help the kitties up for adoption at a local pet store.  This helped her cause and earned her so much approval, that this part of the project (initially an afterthought) became something she was very interested in and proud of.

Lemonade Recipe

6 Lemons

6 Cups of Water

1 Cup of Sugar


Juice the lemons, and pour the juice, water and sugar into a One Gallon pitcher.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.  Fill the pitcher the rest of the way with ice.  Add ice to cups before pouring – otherwise the lemonade will taste too strong (until all the ice melts in the pitcher).


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