The Safe Side: Stranger Safety Resources

I stumbled upon this site this evening – if you can consider coming upon exactly what you were looking for on a search engine stumbling.  I can’t vouch for the quality just yet.  I’ve only requested a copy from my library.  I can, however, point out that it is John (friggin) Walsh whose lifetime devotion to helping put criminals behind bars stems from his son’s abduction – and this is a program he’s helped to create and he endorses, which is designed to prevent such things from happening to your kids.

It also involves Julie Clark… who encourages parents to use their TV as a babysitter from birth onwards, and is associated with learning deficiencies using the giant mistake known as Baby Einstein… but on the bright side, she has the sense to contribute her marketing expertise to this worthy project.

The subject of ‘stranger danger’ was starting to crop up around the edges of our day to day life (me and Bee’s).  She’s confident and outgoing – and has begun feeling comfortable being out of my sight in public places.  Before I screwed her up too badly with only my scattered recollections of how this subject is handled – I Googled.

Turns out even the word ‘stranger’ should be handled with care – and that its use in this program is apparently minimal (possibly even limited to the name on the DVD).  So I’m already learning something.


And, very helpfully, this LINK takes you straight to a page of several free downloads, including:

Stranger Safety Family Guide

Internet Safety Family Guide

Stranger Safety Teacher Guide

Internet Safety Teacher Guide

and even presentation guides for safety coordinators and law enforcement officers.

How cool is that?

Not cool enough?  How about the fact that a significant portion of proceeds go towards the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children?  Or the fact that you can even use this worthy program as a Fund-raising Opportunity?  Still not convinced?  You are one cold SOB, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Quoted below, you will find a message from John Walsh taken from the site.  I haven’t used it with permission – if they ask me to cut it out, I will – but I’m thinking they would probably appreciate the word getting out.

edited to add:  here’s my review

A message from John

I’m the host of a television show that I wish wasn’t needed, but is. I am the Host of ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

In 1981, the lives of my wife, Revé, and I were changed forever. Our beautiful son Adam —the joy of our lives—was abducted from a mall in a nice neighborhood of South Florida. Sadly, two weeks after launching the biggest search for a child that Florida had ever seen, our son was found murdered.

In my quest to find justice in the name of my son, and to fight back for victims everywhere, I lobbied Congress to change the laws and to change how police search for missing people—and in particular—children. My life’s work has been to protect children and others by changing laws and by catching criminals. I’m proud to say that the movement I started is still going strong. There’s not only a national organization dedicated to helping children (The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), but now this country and its media are beginning to understand that our children are precious and need to be informed about how to stay safe.

In 1981 not much was known about child abduction and exploitation. Parents knew very little and, tragically, children knew even less. Today we’re proud of some of the knowledge and awareness that children have about the dangers that face them. Children see images everywhere of kidnappings, exploitation and the horrible consequences attached to these events. We only need to think about some of the scenes that parents and children have seen in the media in the past year — religious leaders who are pedophiles, Internet predators, and others who are in positions to take advantage children’s trust in them — to know that kids are still being victimized at an alarming rate.

I hope that’s about to change. As a crime fighter and host of a television program that has saved countless lives, I’m proud to be teaming up with a woman who knows how to teach children — the right way. Kids want to know what to do, and parents need to be prepared. Like me, Julie Clark is a parent who cares. She has the proven track record of teaching kids on both a local and national scale, and her passion and experience make this series of safety videos for children something that parents will want to have, and kids will want to watch.

The sadness that my family and others have experienced doesn’t have to happen. Now, thanks to my new partnership with Julie, parents and kids will do what I’ve been doing for more than 23 years — they’ll fight back with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge is power.


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