Check out Readeez™

I want to call it a fusion of Ben Folds and Edutainment – and since it is my blog, that’s just what I’ll do.

Here is an introduction, in their own format:

Introduction Readee

readeez(image ©Readeez)

“Readeez are exactly as entertaining as they are educational. Which is to say, “very.” Kids like the stories, songs and characters. Grownups like the fact that reading instruction happens automatically, all the time.

Every syllable of a Readee answers that perpetual kid-question “What does this say?” The written and spoken halves of a Readee reinforce one another. In other words, it says what it says. Watch a few yourself and you’ll see!”

Check out the website, watch free samples galore, become a fan on Facebook, check out their YouTube channel, read praise from a more professional blogger,  – and buy some up – clearly a positive venture by creative family people who work hard to make cool stuff your kid can learn from.

I have a special appreciation for father/daughter collaboration.  Also, I look forward to Bee’s reading independence (closer every day) more than I looked forward to her ability to walk – so, Readeez, thanks!

(ps- not affiliated with Ben Folds in any way that I know of)


2 thoughts on “Check out Readeez™

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this when I first saw it in August! Anyway, I enjoyed and appreciate your thoughts on the subject. And as a matter of fact we *do* listen to a lot of Ben Folds (me and The Kid).

    A new Readeez DVD (and a CD!) are coming out Nov. 10. Email me if you’d like a copy of each for you and yours.

    Hope your familyhood is doing well,


    • Thanks very much, Michael!
      I am honored to receive my copies – and Bug is enjoying them as I type this.
      Everybody support Readeez – great stuff!
      I’ll post a review after I’ve had a chance to watch it through once or twice – also, when I get back to updating this blog again… something I expect I’ll be up for a little while after Mom is finished with maternity leave.

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