The Safe Side Follow-up/Review

this post is a follow up to this one

We all watched the Safe Side video together yesterday.  We enjoyed it and learned a lot together.  I especially like their use of language, a precise vocabulary using “Don’t Knows” instead of “Strangers”, and “Kinda Knows” recognizing that people kids have simply met are not necessarily people they know (an important thing to teach, keeping in mind that children are statistically in far more danger from people they kinda know than from people they’ve never met).

Bee enjoyed the video and she responded well during the times we were prompted to pause the video and discuss a segment.  The video also prompted us to make a list of three adults, not in her immediate family, that she has permission to trust/go with if we aren’t present.

The filming is kinetic (full of action and/or funny images to pair with important information – a proven memory enhancing technique) and the acting is well done and enjoyable.  The scenarios are presented in a realistic way – with a level of threat that didn’t frighten, so much as put the viewer ‘on alert’.  Teaching using fear can create the risk that a child will withdraw from information out of discomfort – the Safe Side video was carefully constructed to avoid that pitfall and to instill knowledge.

I don’t recall the age recommendation on the site, or video – – but Bee (four) is a good age for it.  I think she would have been receptive to it when she was three, as well.  Elementary school age kids may well be the prime target audience.

I recommend it first as something for you to watch with your young child, and second as a gift idea for grandchildren and families with young children.

Here is a tool linked to on the Safe Side site – a site that identifies the locations of registered sex offenders in your area.  Definitely something to be aware of.


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