Starting Preschool – Trying Times

So far, Bee is having a hard time being in (two day, afternoon pre-) school.  It has only been 2 days, mind you, but it is still a hard time for us.

She puts on a brave face at drop-off time (the first day she was so excited that she forgot to say goodbye – instead launching into “I have great news! Today is my first day of school!” with the teacher.  Then later the stories unfolded about how she was so sad while I was away.

Almost the very first thing to come out of her mouth when she woke on the second day of school was, “Why would we waste a perfectly good day like this at school?”, followed by “You’ve already taught me everything they teach there, anyway.”

She’s usually such a happy kid, and makes friends on playgrounds in 2 seconds flat, so it’s confusing new territory and it breaks my heart – but I’m trusting those that say it gets better.

Here is one resource, among several, that I’m ‘road testing’.

Quick Click: 9 Parent-Tested Ways to Ease Separation Anxiety – Ease preschool drop-offs with these simple suggestions.

We picked up a copy of The Kissing Hand this afternoon, too – and we’ve read it together three times.  Her teacher suggested making a necklace with our pictures on it that she can wear – so, we’ll try that tomorrow (her third day).  They are all reading A Pocket Full Of Kisses tomorrow in class (which is a sort of Kissing Hand sequel).

We addressed the subject of her being more advanced than many of her peers by choosing a mixed-age Montessori classroom for her – even so, her teachers seem very impressed by her vocabulary and knowledge.  When she isn’t crying.

I’ll post more about these days of change in our home – including pics and info about the biggest little change – but this post serves as my late night venting about a subject that is probably affecting a lot of families at this time of year.


One thought on “Starting Preschool – Trying Times

  1. Awww. At 4, I had to literally carry H crying in to his preschool room and set him down on the carpet. By the end of the year he loved it. The following year he couldn’t wait to go. This year he RUNS to the bus stop excited for school. It will get better! Hang in there!

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