Bottle Cap Necklace

One suggestion offered by Bee’s teacher, regarding some early preschool separation anxiety, was to make a necklace with our pictures on it, that she can bring to school and look at when she is feeling sad.  So this morning we made one.

A Bottle Cap Necklace – it came out well, and more importantly it helped lead to Bee proudly announcing that she had a better day – and that she expects the next day to be even better (twenty times better, to be specific).  A huge relief for all of us!

Here are some pictures – it is an easy project, and only took about 20 minutes to make.

Ingredients: One bottle cap, some Modge Podge, an assemblage of pictures set to fit into the cap (about a one inch diameter), some beads (or charms, etc), and some string (or fancier material).

1- assemble the pictures (I used Photoshop – but collage would have been fine)

2- poke two holes in the top edge of the bottle cap (with a hammer and nail)

3- sand the sharp parts around these holes (the cap ridge itself wasn’t sharp)

4- Modge Podge the photo into the cap

5- string it all together with some beads



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