Why I Haven’t Posted In Something Like A Year.

Meet Pea.

I hope to get back on here regularly at some point – thanks for checking in 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Posted In Something Like A Year.

  1. Holy cow, what a cutie! I know I don’t blog as much after #2 arrived…and who knows if I will get to at all after #3 arrives in December. 🙂


  2. Well, I was dudped. Can’t say this was the first time in my life either… This salesperson came to my door with the same schpiel, was quite impressive in her delivery, was from Poland here making money for school. My son came over to the table where we were sitting and looked at the books she was selling, particularly the math books because that was the area he struggles in. Long story short, we bought the books and the checks were cashed (three payments of $129.00 each) and we were done, or so I thought. The next month we were charged an internet fee for using their website as a “companion” to the books. I never signed up for this and when the salesperson mentioned this on three seperate occasions during her sales pitch I told her no I did not want that service. It has been two months and they have taken $19.95 out of my account for this “service”. The first month, I saw the charge, looked at my sales slip and saw that if you did not want the service you had to call and cancel yourself. I tried this for three weeks to no avail. This was after they withdrew the first time, remember. Finally, in desperation I paid for a stop payment with my bank only to find out that this company changed the name in which they withdrew the funds in the first month to go around the stop payment. I am still trying to get in contact with the company to get my money back and have included all the names I think they might use on my stop payment. I would love to tell you this is resolved but I am beginning to think the only way I will resolve this is to close the account. Just letting other people know their tacticts, it sounds as though your other readers are smart enough to throw these people out…… wish I had read your blog beforehand!!!! By the way, your sweet pea is precious, good luck with the family..

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