All-Ages Comics for Emergent Readers

I credit comics for some of Bee’s early reading skills (and some of my own interest in reading as a kid). Below is a list of recommended all-ages comics.  Attached to the title links you’ll find a diversity of reviews, previews, publication sites, creator sites, and articles.

Bookmark and share this page.  Use it when you want a gift idea, report card reward, non-cash chore payday, birthday party gifts for classmates and friends, gift ideas for grandparents and godparents, and local library wish listing.

Luke on the Loose
Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever
One Stormy Night
Zig and Wikki
Little Mouse
Jack and the Box
Adventures in Cartooning
Amelia Rules!
CryptoZooey #1
Dinosaurs Across America
Dreamland Chronicles
Ed’s Terrestrials
Lions, Tigers and Bears
Magic Trixie
Poetry Comics: A Literary Postcard Book
Robot Dreams
Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade
Tiny Titans
Little Lit publications edited by Art Speigleman

Support independent booksellers when possible.

For more information:

Update:  I just came across this great resource, too!  Click on the image below to go to the site.



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