A Month Of Things To Do with your Preschooler

Previously titled Things to Do with your 2 year old – too narrow, on second thought 🙂

Today I made this chart showing a month (or more) worth of weekday activities to do with a young preschooler.  This may be handy for yourself or another caregiver you know (like when Grandma or a sitter has the kiddo for a while and could use some ideas).

If there is enough interest, I’ll make new editions available.

You can click on it, click the magnifying glass and drag it to your desktop to print.

Your feedback and comments are very welcome.

Having days free with our young children is more and more rare – those of us who can do it, more and more fortunate.  They grow up fast.  Savor the time.


Have Yourself 100 Years of Games

Go Play!

This website offers up a century of games and rhymes and other fun stuff for kids to do.

With subcategories like Running Around Games, Skipping Games, Jokes and Rude Rhymes and many more – a family could be set for generations of fun.  Remember when we needed books and wise old people with intact memories (rareish in my familial experience) to access such knowledge?

The Kids’ Zone seems to get you to kiddified versions of the idea list.  Sweet.

We never have another decent excuse for not having things for the kids to do outside (or inside – or within doorways with part of their person outside and part inside – or at birthday parties).

Kidos – software that kiddifies your computer

This sounds interesting.  Mac or PC friendly.


from their site:

About Kidos

Kidos is a revolutionary new platform for children’s learning and entertainment. Our free and easy download allows a child to use her parents’ computer as if it were her own! No more having to worry about files being accidentally deleted, settings being changed or kids closing the browser by mistake. No more cries of “Mommy!” every time he clicks the “back” button by mistake or the internet connection is slow.

Our secure, child-friendly and lightly animated interface lets children easily use all sorts of media: games, books, learning modules, music, video, and art. Best of all, it works on either a Mac or PC and…it’s free! You can also easily add your own music, art, photos, and video!

We’re busy aggregating the best children’s media from all over the world. Want to help your child learn a foreign language? You’ve come to the right place!

Kidos is currently in private beta. To take part in the soon to be released public beta, please sign up and we’ll notify you soon!

Lightning Bugs

These little buggers are tricky to photograph.  I’ll do a better job of it sometime, but for now – this is what you get.  Bee has been having many evenings of firefly catching this summer – and she is wicked good at it, catching 3 at a time sometimes.  This is one evening’s bounty – really underrepresented.


We learned that if you collect the ones down in the grass, you get females.  The males are the ones flying around looking for love.  If you get a mix, you get big pulsing piles of ‘snuggling’ fireflies, which is pretty cool.  Bee describes that this means they are mating, and making baby fireflies – because she is an awesome little girl whose parents tell it like it is without fear, embarassment or hesitation.


Vegetable Faces

Any parent worth their salt probably practices this age old art with their kids, veggie resistant or not.  But  I’m posting it because I have lots of sympathy for the salt worthless ones that are clambering in the dark.  Also, Bee’s celery eyebrows are something I have to share.

Step One:  cut up a few kinds of veggies (and/or cheese and other nibblables).

Step Two:  lay them all out like an artist’s palate.

Step Three:  Profit Encourage creative making and snacking.



Missing are the peppers, because she eats them first.

Safe Sites for Kids

I learned of three recommended safe sites for kids recently, from a The Week magazine highlight from pcmag.com.  How is that for a convoluted introduction?

Safesurfer.org Is a kid haven full of games, resources, and news.  Helps entertain kids while pointing them to sites they can safely enjoy on the rest of the Web.

Exploratorium.edu The home of San Francisco’s Exploratorium museum.  A great resource for kids interested in learning about the world around them, and how it works.  Youth oriented primers on biology, astronomy, and other scientific fields.

Totlol.com YouTube (not affiliated) for kids.  All videos posted are screened and determined fit for kids 6mos. to 6yrs.